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Royal Netherlands Armed Forces

The Royal Netherlands Armed Forces have participated in various missions since 1947. These were missions that were intended to protect and defend the interests and territory of the Netherlands. Another objective of these missions was to maintain and promote the international rule of law. Other types of missions included humanitarian aid and disaster relief operations.

Every day, personnel of the Defence organisation work for peace and security in the Netherlands and abroad, thus contributing to stability and security in the world.

The Netherlands Ministry of Defence comprises 7 organisational elements. The Central Staff makes Defence policy. The 4 armed forces Services ensure that military personnel and material are mission-ready. Support Command and the Defence Materiel Organisation support the armed forces Services by providing products and services. The Minister of Defence is at the head of the Defence organisation.

The Defence organisation has 3 core tasks:

- defending national territory and that of allies;

- enforcing the national and international rule of law;

- providing assistance during disasters and crises.

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