mkI / mkI*

Helmet, Steel, Mark I (mkI)

The helmet, Steel, Mark I, also known as the mkI or MK-I, was used shortly in a small scale by the Dutch Marines in the 1920-ies of the 20th century.

In March 1941, when Dutch units who escaped to England were reorganised, the British mkII helmet was introduced and became the new standard helmet for the Dutch troops. The mkII replaced all pre-war model helmets that were still in use by then. Many Brodie and mkI helmets were reconditioned to the mkII standard and issued to Dutch troops together with mkII helmets. These reconditioned helmets are also known as mkI*. The mkI* stayed in use within the Dutch Army until the mid 1950-ies, when they were replaced by the Troepenhelm (m53).

Most mkI* helmets were sold off to other organisations and/or companies. A small number of helmets were reconditioned and went to the Bescherming Bevolking or Mobiele Colones.

Various firms produced mkI helmets between April 1916 and February 1919. Underneath is a list with all known producers.

Unmarked: Joseph Sankey & Sons Ltd. Helmets were markt witha stamp of the steel producer (October 1915 to October 1916).

Unmarked: Blériot Ltd London. Helmets were markt witha stamp of the steel producer (May 1916 to October 1916).

D: James Dixon & Sons (production started in December 1915).

H: W Hutton & Sons (production started in December 1915).

HH: Harrison Bros. & Howson Ltd (production started in December 1915).

M: J&J Maxfield & Sons (production started in December 1915).

R: John Round & Sons (production started in 1916).

V: W&E Viener (production started in December 1915).

MLS: Miris Ltd. Sheffield (March 1916 to 1917)

Steel was supplied by the following producers:

F of FS: Thomas Firth and Sons (September 1915 to 1919).

HS: Hadfields Ltd (January 1916 to 1919).

BS: W Beardmore & Co. Ltd (January 1916 to 1919).

MS: Miris Steel Co. Ltd (March 1916 to 1917).

A: Edgar Allen and Co. Ltd (from 1916 to 1918).

F: Thomas Firth and Sons (from 1916 to 1918).

O: Samuel Osborne & Co Ltd (from 1916 to 1918).

V: Vickers Ltd (from 1916 to 1917).

B: Bury's & Co (from 1916 to 1918).

Unknown stamps are:

FKS: probably Thomas Firth and Sons (FS).

M&S: probably J&J Maxfield & Sons.