Helmet, Steel, Mark II (mkII)

The production of the Brodie helmet started again in 1938. These new helmets were classified as the Helmet, Steel, MK.II. From 1938 until the end of the second world war, about 12 million helmets were produced, by different manufacturers, in the United Kingdom. In addition, the necessary clones were produced by the other Commonwealth countries and after the second world war, the production of mkII helmets continued in various other countries, including the Netherlands (see page Civilian helmets).

The mkII was produced from a non-magnetic manganese steel and the rim was made on from a non-magnetic stainless steel. The mkII weighed about 1.05 kilograms and was pressed from 0.98 mm thick steel plates. The helmet shell was, seen from above, less round than the mkI helmets, but more oval in shape.

The liner was a removable model, and the frame was made from pressed cardboard. In 1939 the liner model mkI changed to to the mkII model. Most liners have a pressed stamp I or II, indicating what model it is. Most noticeable is the change of the round pad in the top for a cross-shaped one that was removable. Also, the chinstrap changed a few times over the years.

The mkII, together with the mkI *, were introduced to the new formed Dutch units in 1941,  who were in England at the time, and replaced all pre-war Dutch models which were still in use. The mkII remained in use until the mid-50 's until replaced by the troops helmet (m53). A part of the mkII helmets were stored as reserve but most helmets went to Civil Defense or bought by companies to fit their Company Self Protection units with helmets. A small part were provided to the Mobile Colonnes.

Known helmet manufacturers are:

United Kingdom:

AMC:                 Austin Motor Co

BMB:                 Briggs Motor Bodies Ltd (helmets and liners)

BS:                    Beardmore Steel Company (William Beardmore & Company)

C:                      Clydesdale Stamping Co Ltd

EB:                    Eveson Brothers

EC&Co Ltd:       E. Carmeliant & Co Ltd

F&L and FL:      Fisher & Ludlow Ltd

FS:                    Thomas Firth

HBH:                 Harrison Bros & Howson

HS:                    Hadfields

JSS:                  John Sankey & Sons

MS:                   Onbekend

RO & Co:          Rubery Owen & Co Ltd

SC:                   Steel Ceiling Ltd

SO:                   Samual Osborn Company

WD:                  William Dobson & Son


C.L./C.:             Canadian Lamp Company

G.S.W.:            General Steelwares and Aluminium goods of Canada

A.G./C.:            Aluminium Goods Company


CS:                    Commonwealth Steel Co Ltd

Unknown:          John Heine & Son Ltd

South Afrika:

Unmarked:        Transvaal Steel Pressing Syndicate

New Zealand:

nPz:                  New Zealand Pressings


VB:                   Verblifa (Verenigde Blik Fabriken), only in 1955 and 1956


Unmarked:       FN (Fabrique National), only post-war

Known liner manufacturers are:

United Kingdom:

AG&co:            A. Garstin & Co Ltd

BH&G:             Barrow Hepburn & Gale ltd

BMB:                Briggs Motor Bodies Ltd (helmets and liners)

CCL:                Christy & Co

FFL:                 Fishers Foils Ltd.

G&S:                Gimson & Slater

Helmets Ltd:    Helmets LTD

JCS & W ltd:    J. ComptonSons & Webb

LWL:                Lane & Whittaker Ltd.

N ltd:                SE Norris Ltd

SNL:                SE Norris Ltd

TTC:                Teddy Toy Company

Vero:                Everet W Vero&Co

Unknown liner manufacturers are:

CG&co, W&LC, PTB, E&R, M&C, L.P.C., ASC, CG&S, H&S en FH.


AG&Co:              Aluminium Goods Company

VMC:                  Viceroy Manufactoring Company


DUNLOP:           Dunlop

South Afrika:

JAGER-RAND:  Jager-Rand


COMET:            Unknown

X.B.:                  Xavier Buisset